We believe that providing multi-service lawn care services should help make your life easier, not harder. Our company culture is developed to go above and beyond the average lawn care experience, taking customer service to the next level. If you’re considering hiring a lawn pro we would like to hear from you.   Whether you need your lawns cared for weekly, every two weeks, monthly or one time only  contact us for a free consultation.  We are currently making  many business and residual customers happy as we save them time and money while adding to the curbside appeal of their properties.  We also work with Realtors to get a property ready to sell and/or to keep it looking nice for potential buyer viewing.  So give us a call today. 


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Family owned and operated and we have the right people and the right tools for a superior lawn.


Owning a farm for 20 years and being the son of a small business owner in the service industry we learned to do most anything from cutting and felling trees, property and equipment maintenance, lawn care, and using heavy equipment.  One in our crew has obtained first hand property, grounds maintenance, and construction experience.  In 2010 we began commercial bush hogging for businesses, property owners,  and hunting land owners.  We also started  mowing for neighbors that moved away and decided to rent their property so they asked us to look after their property maintenance needs in their absence.  In 2015 we had to purchase more equipment as we were managing the lake properties for my aging parents and could not handle all of those tasks with light duty residential lawn equipment.  In the spring of 2017 our family decided to move to full time commercial lawn care business and upgraded our residential equipment to commercial lawn equipment and expanded our business base using Home Advisor and then Thumbtack.   Our customers have been very happy and we are currently enjoying a 5 star customer rating with our Thumbtack customer base.  Being a Thumbtack pro we had to pass a criminal background check plus we are fully licensed and insured for all your lawn care needs including the felling of trees.  At this time we are not licensed tree climbers but if you have tree work that can be done from the ground then we can handle those jobs too and we are fully insured for those challenges.  Storms arise and trees or large limbs fall.  Having those obstacles removed and hauled away should not cost a small fortune and we believe you will find our rates for lawn and tree service competitive and affordable.  Our crew has an extensive background in engineering, sales, design, construction, property management, maintenance, and customer service.  We are certainly more than equipped with the right talent and the right tools to keep your property properly manicured and maintained.  We would love the opportunity to meet with you to understand your grounds and lawn maintenance needs; so please schedule a free consultation with us today. 



The Team


Nathan Mitchell

Operations Manager

Chris Mitchell

Director Marketing and Operations

Maegan Mitchell

Equipment Inspections, Customer Invoicing


Isaac Mitchell

Mowing Specialist

Heather Mitchell

Business Owner and Customer Service

Simply the Best

Our unique approach to lawn maintenance begins with our customers.  Every yard is certainly different and every customer too.  We engage our customers to learn their particular specifications because one customer’s expectation varies as each of us have our own preferences.  We do our utmost to exceed customer expectations by first understanding the specification and seeking feedback from the customer on how well we met their specifications after each job.

Our unique approach to multi service lawn care has allowed us to grow our business to include some of the best customers in lawn care.  We have had the opportunity to work with award winning Realtors, landlords, commercial properties, and non-profit organizations in our community.

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Mowing 28 acre field

Maintenance Needs

If you’re having trouble keeping up with your home or business’s necessary lawn maintenance or landscaping needs, but you don’t have time to stay on top of it, call us!  We  have multiple references and we strive to maintain high standards of customer satisfaction, honesty, and integrity in all that we say and do for you…our customer.


Lawn and Grounds Maintenance

No project too large or too small.  We are here for all of your lawn maintenance needs.


Zero Turn Mowing One Acre Field

Home Rental Lawn Services

If you’re considering renting out your home or another residence, consider baking us in to those rental fees and do not think that your renters will mow your grass.  Face it, some renters will not mow the grass or trim trees or shrubs.  For this reason we do offer year round services to landlords to keep the grounds of their rental properties well maintained.


Vacation Home Management

Do you have a vacation home that you’re not using? Consider using us to keep up with the ground maintenance needs.  Call us today.


Compliments of the renter who signed a contract and said they would mow your grass…